Town Programming


Most of the programming airing on channel 3 comes under the banner of “CCTV”, which stands for Conway Community Television. The content of CCTV is made up of programming for, by, and about the town of Conway.

Current examples of CCTV programming include The Conway Board of Selectmen meetings, as well as those of the Conway Planning Board, North Conway Water Precinct, and Conway Municipal Budget Committee.

Non-municipal programs include Conway Update, Kennett sports, Conway-area school programming such as concerts and plays, Pawprints, Valley Christian Church, The Honor of Our People, and, of course, Recreation Weekly.

CCTV also broadcasts programming produced by residents of the Conways. Recent programs produced by local residents include “The Neighborhood” (by valley favorite Albert Hill), “Holiday On Ice”, and The Conway Elementary & Pine Tree School Chorus concert.

Valley Vision stores several cameras for Conway residents to use at their will. The only requirements for taking out such equipment are that you undergo brief training and familiarization with the cameras with our Station Manager, Bill Edmunds, and that all videotaping you do is to air on channel 3 under the CCTV banner.

Valley Vision also produces programming for the town of Fryeburg. While this is on a more limited basis than for the Town of Conway, Fryeburg still sees significant air time on channel 3. Examples of Fryeburg-related programming include Fryeburg Academy sporting events, graduations, and concerts. Further, we also air the Fryeburg 4th of July parade, town meeting, and selectmen’s meetings.