About Us

VALLEY VISION is a non-profit 501(c)(3) production company that produces Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) television programming for Conway, Albany, Bartlett, and Fryeburg on channels 3 and 1301. We are funded primarily by cable franchise fees provided by the Town of Conway. We also receive contributions from the towns of Albany and Fryeburg, as well as business sponsors and our members. No part of Valley Vision’s budget is derived from tax dollars.

Valley Vision’s broadcast schedule is available on this website, in addition to the Conway Daily Sun and on the channel 1301 community calendar.

BILL EDMUNDS, Station Manager
Now in his 15th year as station manager, Bill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in TV Production and does nearly all of the studio production and editing that goes into our daily schedule of programs. He is also responsible for coordinating the operations of the station with the local community governments. He was formerly the station manager from 1998-2001 for a total of 18 years experience in the position.

RICK WEST, sports announcer, sports coordinator & office admin 
The “voice” of Valley Vision sports for 23 years, Rick brings his talent to the play by play on hockey, football and softball for Kennett High School and Fryeburg Academy sports. Rick also is responsible for coordinating the many sports schedules and issues with all the local and away schools and assists as needed and helps keep things organized to facilitate the operation of Valley Vision. He is in the office for business between 10am and 2pm Friday. He also fills in as temporary station manager when Bill Edmunds needs a well earned vacation.

JOHANNA NATION, office admin
Johanna joined the Valley Vision team in early in 2020, initially filling in for Rick West in the office during his medical leave of absence. Upon his return, he turned many of his previous administrative duties over to her very capable hands. She is in the office for business from 10am to 2pm Monday through Thursday.

JEFF FLINT, sponsorship coordinator & sports announcer
Jeff is a life long veteran of the broadcast industry having worked both in front of the camera and behind the scenes of numerous TV and radio stations in Maine and New Hampshire. His 16 years of work for Valley Vision has been and remains critical in getting the local business community in ‘The Valley’ and Fryeburg involved in supporting the station and particularly the funding of all high school sports. Jeff also brings his talent and experience behind the mic to Kennett basketball, baseball, softball and football and Fryeburg baseball telecasts. Jeff can be reached through the office.

ALAN PHENIX, videographer
Alan has been Valley Vision’s primary sports videographer for over 22 years. A skilled hockey player himself, Alan especially enjoys videotaping Kennett High School’s hockey games.

SCOTT VERNEY, videographer, editor, live producer
Scott joined Valley Vision in 2012, bringing decades of experience as a videographer with him. Scott produces all live remote events, including Kennett football, hockey, basketball, and is responsible for all Arts Jubilee productions. Scott can also fill in on studio telecasts and editing.

ROB WEINSTEIN, videographer
Rob has been with Valley Vision since 2018 as a videographer. He has a lifetime of experience as a cameraman for major networks and the United Nations in New York. Rob has become the primary videographer for Conway meetings such as the Board of Selectmen and the School Board.


The Valley Vision Board of Directors is comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers. Selectmen of each town in our viewing area may choose one individual (“town Rep”) to represent their town on our board.

Several other board members serve as members at large, bringing a wide variety of technical, creative, financial and public service backgrounds to the organization. Prospective members may nominate themselves for election by the existing board.

President and Fryeburg Representative: Karla Ficker, Fryeburg

Conway Selectmen’s Representative: Mary Carey Seavey, Conway

Other Members:

Bob Bernhardt, North Conway

Christina Howe, Bartlett